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Upcoming Events

Sustainability CONFERENCE Summit 2021

Theme: “Global Forum for Innovations and collaboration in Food Security and Safety  – Caribbean Resilence”


Food Hygiene Bureau  invite delegates to the “Caribbean Food Security and Safety Sustainability Conference and Summit”  to be held in Jamaica September 22-24, 2021.

This inaugural event aims to bring together regional food policy makers,  leading Academic scientists, NGOs, food agronomists, food industry players, researchers and scholars to discuss and share on Caribbean Resilence Food Security Model for the region. There is the need for the Caribbean to maintain one marketplace to ensure our food policies correlates with the health of the nation, focus on sustainability of traditional crops and resilence methods of food production.


The fragility of our market place became evidence through the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our tourism sector wiped out 100% and Jamaica led in rebuilding the sector.   This conference will review how we moved forward, lessons learnt!


We will have Workshops offering opportunities for qualification and new skills, CPDs for all in attendance and Networking opportunities with professionals. 


This is an excellent opportunity for companies to Showcase their products and services to the regional consumers and buyers.


This is a global event for the Caribbean region and so we invite Scientific Presentation Papers from Industry and Academia.


Topics will include:

Food authenticity: Emerging risks/threats

Globalization impact on Food Security & Policy

COVID-19 Experience – Highlight from Caribbean government

Regional Food Policy –What of The “New Normal “

Climate Change in Food Security Resilence
Quality Standard and Food Management Systems
Environmental Protection Co-Management with Food Safety
Challenges to Caribbean Food Security Policy
Impacts of new development in Food industry
Novel Foods, Processes and Nanomaterials

From Farm to fork approach to food safety

Sustainable Agriculture Caribbean challenges

Technological advances in food production “Eat what we grow”.

Food Insecurity or Security should we be concerned?

Global Pandemic in Food Security issues and challenges



Plenary Sessions


Certificates and CPD workshops