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Making Food Safety a Habit with the Food Hygiene Bureau Jamaica

In my recent presentation at the Observer’s foodie seminar, I gave some insight on the importance of making food safety a habit in ensuring the maintenance of personal and public health. One key takeaway from my presentation was the need for food production and service entities to pay closer attention to the delivery of the food safety message. Effective training and coaching were highlighted as key factors in behavioural change within our food service employees which will eventually result in food safety techniques becoming more habitual.

During a recent search for a training institution to provide me with the tools I need as a young food safety professional, I stumbled upon the Food Hygiene Bureau. After detailed conversations with the reps at the company, it was evident that they have been and will continue to be an asset to the food service industry, providing an additional space for employees to gain required knowledge on food safety. I was also pleasantly surprised that upon interviewing the CEO, the same issues we have been discussing in this space over the past few months kept resurfacing, and today I am more than happy to share their message with individuals seeking options for internationally recognised training.


Marshalee Valentine (MV) What is the Food Hygiene Bureau?


Marva Hewitt (MH): The Food Hygiene Bureau is a one-stop shop for all your food safety training needs. We offer training, consultancy, inspections in food hygiene and health and safety especially tailored for you. We are a registered training centre offering internationally recognised food safety certification to the food industry. Our courses will equip your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to build confidence in your business.

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