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International Conference On Impact Of Climate Change On Food Security

THEME:  Climate Change And Food Security – Caribbean Readiness


Pesticide Residues in export ·

Allergen risk assessment

Food Authenticity importance

Food Preservation

Food Managers Certification proctor exams***

Caribbean Food Security Summit” Jamaica

THEME:   Global Impact on Food Security – Caribbean Resilience.

Food Hygiene Bureau  invite delegates to the “Caribbean Food Security and Safety Sustainability Conference and Summit”  to be held in Jamaica

Topics Included

Food authenticity: Emerging risks/threats

Globalisation impact on Food Security & Policy

COVID-19 Experience – Highlight from Caribbean government

Regional Food Policy –What of The “New Normal “

Food Fraud and Authenticity

Quality Standard and Food Management Systems

Challenges to Caribbean Food Security Policy

Seed Security ” Eat what we Grow”

Smarter Food Systems & Farm Technology

Sustainable Agriculture Caribbean challenges

Data analysis and natural suggestions for weathering the COVID-19 Storm

Food Insecurity or Security should we be concerned?

Global Pandemic in Food Security issues and challenges

Agony and Ecstacy of GM Foods & many more

Plenary Sessions


Certificates and CPD workshops

The 8th International Food Safety and Security Conference

The 8th International Food Safety and Security Conference hosted by the Food Hygiene Bureau on September 24-25, 2019 was held at the Knutsford Court Hotel, Kingston under the theme: Caribbean Preparedness, Regulatory Perspectives 2020 & Beyond!

Topics Included

Genetically Modified Foods and Seed Security


Supply Chain Traceability

Borderless Tourism

HACCP in Dairy Novel Foods

Jamaica Culture “Eat What we Grow”

Allergen Hazard Management

Food Safety Profits and Cost

Global Threats in Agriculture

Process Water Safety and more


Workshops and Qualification/Networking opportunities.

CPDs Awarded!

The 7th International Food Safety and Security Conference

Jamaica 7th International Food Safety and Security Conference held at the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall Hotel, Montego Bay, Jamaica 17th-18th March 2015

Topics Included

Game changing technology in agriculture

Food ethnicity – block chain technologies

Global threats – climate change impact in agriculture. IICA

Case study – new technologies in farming, ground to fork  – India

Food safety and traceability importance for supply chain

Seed security

Food labelling – GM foods

The hidden hazards in food safety – allergen control.  Food Hygiene Bureau.

The 6th International Food Safety and Security Conference

The 6th International Food Safety and Security Conference hosted by the Food Hygiene Bureau on September 4-5, 2012 was held at the Hyatt Ziva Hotel & Spa, Montego Bay. The theme of the conference is FOOD SAFETY Challenges, Changing, held under the theme:


Topics Included

Food Safety Who Really Cares
New Technology in Food Security
Sustainable Agriculture
Food Business Enforcement Challenges
Chill Chain Assurance RTE Foods
Genetically Modified Food
Bottled Water
Food Safety Concerns Caribbean Perspective
Launch of BestBites Jamaica Guide Restaurant Award
Travel and tourism ….Food Safety Importance
Genetically Modified Foods….Why Not!!
Overview of the Food Safety Modernization Act
HACCP FSMA…..A farm to fork approach


▪ Swimming Pool risk assessment
▪ Auditing Food Premises
▪ Food Managers Proctor Exam


Advisor and Scientist

Formerly Senior Professor/ principal scientist and university head of entomology at ANGRAU AND PJTSAU . Had Doctoral degree in 1983 with specialization in Pesticide Residues, Insect Toxicology and worked for more than 33 years indifferent capacities as Professor/ Researcher and Extension scientist.

Specialisation: food safety and food security issues, pesticide residues, insect toxicology and IPM. He is involved in farmer empowerment and entrepreneurship development initiatives in agri-ecosystem.

Worked in collaboration with CIMMYT, Mexico on breeding for Insect Resistance and on innovative technologies in sugarcane, Potato, Ginger and Turmeric.